We love Grey's so much that we decided to go back and watch it (again) and talk about each episode. Pour yourself a glass of wine because we can't wait to meet you, seriously.


Hello and welcome to The On-Call Room! A podcast led by two women who have invested 14 years of their lives following the fictional characters of Grey's Anatomy. Thank you for visiting our website - it's nice to know that we aren't alone. Our goal when we began this podcast was to have an excuse to get together, drink wine and talk about life. We weren't sure if anyone would subscribe to a podcast that had no theme or focus - so after a night of going down the Grey's Anatomy Youtube rabbit hole we had the idea of using Grey's as a vehicle for conversation.

One year later - the podcast has grown into a community of passionate Grey's fans who have just as many opinions as we do. We started in Season 1 Episode 1 and are making our way through the whole series - until Shonda decides she doesn't want to write it anymore - or everyone dies. Not an avid Grey's fan? Don't worry. We still cover an array of topics including but not limited to: Broadway show tunes, fashion of the past and the now, PMS, our sex lives, memes, our drinking habits, boy problems, girl problems, basically all of our problems and the current weather in Michigan.

So here you are. Browsing our website. Wondering if you should give a listen to these two beautiful blondes who have invested so much of their time to their fictional friends at Seattle Grace Hospital. (Also we write our own bios). The answer is obviously yes. We promise to provide you with weekly laughs, unqualified therapy and the perfect way to escape from your mundane lives (jk jk we love you).


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