A Grey's Anatomy Podcast with Abbey and Bri

Welcome to The On-Call Room


A podcast led by two women who have invested 14 years of their lives following the fictional characters of Grey's Anatomy.



At a bar in Grand Rapids, MI


the host who pours the wine, has the best stories & keeps the conversation interesting.

Bri Babbitt


the host who keeps shit organized, makes dinner & actually makes the podcast function.

Abbey Moore

Do you feel like one episode of Grey's Anatomy a week just isn't enough to get you through? Well pour yourself a glass of wine (or a shot of tequila - we're not picky) and join veteran Grey's fans Abbey Moore and Bri Babbitt discuss, dissect and indulge in chatter of your favorite characters, heartbreaking moments and everything in between. We will be re-watching the entire series starting with Season 1 Episode 1 - and encourage you to do the same. You won't be sorry! Or you might, but we will just forget that. Just like we did with the musical episode in Season 7.

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